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Community Code of Conduct 


Be respectful of other people; respectfully ask people to stop if you are bothered; and if you can't resolve an issue contact the group facilitator. If you are being a problem, it will be apparent and you'll be asked to leave.


This is an inclusive environment, based on treating all individuals respectfully, regardless of gender (including transgender status), sexual orientation, age, disability, nationality, race, ethnicity, or religion (if any).

We value respectful behaviour which includes:

  • Being considerate, kind, constructive, and helpful.

  • Avoiding demeaning, discriminatory, harassing, hateful, or physically threatening behaviour, speech, and imagery.


When interacting in this digital space we expect you to avoid the following:

  • Impersonating someone else.

  • Posting offensive material that is hurtful to other community members - including sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or ableist content.

  • Posting the personal information of others.



We believe peer to peer discussions, feedback, and corrections can help build a stronger, safer, and more welcoming community.

If you see someone behaving disrespectfully, you are encouraged to respectfully discourage them from such behaviour. Expect that others in the community wish to help keep the community respectful, and welcome your input in doing so.

If you experience disrespectful behaviour and feel in any way unable to respond or resolve it (including online harassment and trolling), please immediately bring it to the attention of the facilitator who will listen and work to resolve the matter.



The facilitator will seek to resolve conflicts peacefully and in a manner that is positive for the community.  If in the facilitators' judgment the best thing to do is to ask a disrespectful individual to leave, they will do so for the benefit of the community and wider discussion process.

So please play nice….!

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