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Love and Revolution: 
A politics for the Deep Commons

By Matt York

Based on award-winning research, Love and Revolution brings classical and contemporary anarchist thought into a mutually beneficial dialogue with a global cross-section of ecological, anti-capitalist, feminist and anti-racist activists – discussing real-life examples of the loving-caring relations that underpin many contemporary struggles.

Such a (r)evolutionary love is revealed to be a common embodied experience among the activists contributing to this collective vision, manifested as a radical solidarity, as political direct action, as long-term processes of struggle, and as a deeply relational more-

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than-human ethics.  The theory developed in this book is brought to life through the voices of Tom at the G20 protests in Toronto, Maria and her permaculture community in Mexico, Hassan on the streets in Syria, Angelo and his comrades occupying squares in Brazil, Dembe and his affinity group in Kampala, and many more.

Love and Revolution provides an essential resource for all those interested in building a free society grounded in solidarity and care, and offers a timely contribution to contemporary movement discourse.


"This book is a gift of love and a tool for freedom. Matt York powerfully, and accessibly, shows us that love is a political and theoretical basis upon which a truly free and (r)evolutionary society must be, and in some places already is being created. Love and Revolution should be read and shared by all who want to create a freer world."

Marina Sitrin, Associate Professor of Sociology, SUNY Binghamton, author of Horizontalism and Everyday Revolutions.

"I recommend that anyone who is serious about striving for social change read Matt York’s spot-on book Love and Revolution and consider embracing its philosophy of a permanent revolution of love and community. This book reflects the core values that have guided my half century of organizing for liberation."

Keith McHenry, co-founder of the global Food Not Bombs movement, author of The Anarchist Cookbook and Hungry for Peace.

"In Love and Revolution, Matt York develops a theory of love grounded in activist practices from real movements for social and political change. This book is essential reading for anyone holding on to hope for the commons in a world of privatization."

Richard Gilman-Opalsky, Professor of Political Theory and Philosophy, University of Illinois, author of The Communism of Love.

This work is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 2.0 England and Wales License. Permission for reproduction is granted by the editors and the publishers free of charge for voluntary, campaign and community groups. Reproduction of the text for commercial purposes, or by universities or other formal teaching institutions, is prohibited without the express permission of the publishers.

Watch Matt talk about 'Revolutionary love and the deep commons' for the Centre for Commons Organising Values Equalities and Resilience (COVER) seminar series:

You can also listen to Matt being interviewed by Stevphen Shukaitis about the book Love and revolution for the Minor Compositions podcast series HERE

If you are based in a higher education institution and have access to a library budget, please consider recommending this book as a way to support future titles in this series continuing to enjoy this Creative Commons license.

You can purchase a copy of the book via Manchester University Press 

A (more widely affordable!) paperback version is expected in 2024.

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