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Exhibition 2022

Andrea Ray

Rest Cure

The pandemic exposed the need for new forms of care and community. Rest Cure, an audio piece asks, can the withdrawal from society that the COVID-19 pandemic caused have created a new political subjectivity?

Titled after the 19th century ‘treatment’ that gendered weakness & helplessness, the rest cure is emblematic of a biased healthcare system. In recent years, self-care has been embraced to fill a lack of community sense and, one can say, represents a failure of state and culture. COVID-19 exacerbated similar states of isolation and a failed health care system.  It exposed the urgent need to develop new networks of care. I reflect on these two points with what Denise Ferreira da Silva calls an ‘entangled world’, embracing difference without separability in a sound piece below that references the Rest Cure and histories of health care, while projecting futuristic re-imaginings that redistribute care and aim to expand our sense of belonging. 

Rest CureAndrea Ray
00:00 / 06:59

Rest Cure 9-minute sound. Andrea Ray 2021/22.

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