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Exhibition 2022


Andrea Ray

ReCast LIVE ON-AIR (2018) is an audio play that takes the shape of a live broadcast from a fictive radio station. On WPPF (Past Potential Future), people from across 200 years meet to share their experiences and perspectives on gender and non-monogamy. The radio guest characters represent 19th century free love, recent polyamory, and newer relationship anarchy bringing those into conversation with my own future-form, “expanded affinities”. The polytemporal voices assess and debate the egalitarian nature of alternative forms of love, belonging, and attachment, superseding and troubling the compulsion toward hetero-monogamy. One radio guest is a nineteenth century free love commune member who appears in the studio to share the continued relevance of their community’s free love practices; another is a twentieth century essentialist feminist who is unable to let go of the gender binary; others speak from a future where neither gendered subjectivities nor singular forms of relationships exist. The voices are inspired by people like queer theorist Paul Preciado, French novelist Anaïs Nin, and Tirzah Miller who was a member of the nineteenth century non-monogamous group, the Oneida Community.

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Sounding like voices from an outer ring of space, the relationship radicals reject the charmed circle and the linearity of the relationship escalator that ascends from dating, to love, to marriage, and then children. Spectators commune in a listening space that evokes both a nineteenth century séance parlor and a futuristic radio station in an installation that resists forms of “straight time”. 

ReCast Full MixAndrea Ray
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ReCast LIVE ON-AIR 54-minute audio piece written and directed by: Andrea Ray. 2018.

Additional Text by: Octavia Butler, Russell Fox, Charles Lamb, Anaïs Nin, Paul B. Preciado, Sun Ra, and Gloria Steinem.

Voice Actors: Tavia Gilbert, Suzanne Toren, Dion Graham, Robin Miles. With Peter Berkrot, Lauren Ezzo, Donna Postel, Hillary Huber, Simon Vance, Paul Heitsch, Helen Lloyd, Katherine Littrell, Ulf Bjorklund, Adriana Sananes.

Additional Sound Mixing: Kayla Elrod 

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